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Takahashi Telescopes & Mounts

Whatever your AstroImaging need, there is a Takahashi Telescope that provides the optical benchmark for all other Manufacturers.

Takahashi Refractors are simply the best money can buy, at an affordable level and with local support in the UK & Europe. Pin-sharp stars, perfectly collimated Super Aprochromats, are the mainstay of the Takahashi stable. You just need to look at the vast range of Astroimages taken with various Takahashi telescopes, to see what is achievable, and understand their well-earned reputation for excellence.

For the Expert AstroImager, the uniquely designed Petzval Quadruplet Super Apochromats represented by the FSQ-85ED, and the FSQ-106ED, produce what is generally acknowledged to be the best AstroImaging results currently available to the serious and expert amateur.

Every Takahashi Telescope is fully constructed in Japan to exacting standards, highlighting the engineering, workmanship, and precision needed to produce optimal astroimaging results.

Takahashi telescopes and mounts are simply the best you will ever come across.

IanKingImaging are experts in the supply of Takahashi. We keep many of the most popular models in stock and offer both imaging expertise and the assurance of excellent after sales support.