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Takahashi TKA20595 1.7x Extender CQ for FX60CB

Takahashi TKA20595 17x Extender CQ for FX60CB


Stock code: TKA20595


1.7x Extender module for FS60 CB. Converts to F10 both visually and photographically.


Takahashi TKA36595 1.6x Extender for FSQ 106ED

Takahashi TKA36595 16x Extender for FSQ 106ED



The 1.6x Extender permits the use of the FSQ 106ED at F8 both visually and photographically.

It makes it possible for the FSQ106 to attain similar optical properties to Takahashi refractors equipped with general purpose fluorite doublets or ED triplets.


Takahashi TKA37595 1.5x Extender

Takahashi TKA37595 15x Extender


Stock code: TKA37595


1.5x extender for use both visually and photographically with the following telescopes.

FSQ 85, TSA102, TSA120, TOA130, TOA150


Takahashi TKA82595 1.5x Extender for Mewlon 250/300

Takahashi TKA82595 15x Extender for Mewlon 250300


Stock code: TKA82595


1.5x Extender. Extends focal length both visually and photographically by 1.5x.

Suitable for Mewlon 250/300 CR/CRS Telescopes.