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Takahashi EM Temma

The EM Temma Series Mounts are the optimum solution for providing a stable support for any telescope. For example, the EM-200 can handle a Mewlon-210, CN-212 or TOA-130 OTAs for astrophotography or CCD imaging. In addition, the EM-400 & EM-500 introduce the benefits of Encoders into the range.

The EM Mounts, with an ergonomic design and particularly adapted to the hard night conditions, were designed to face the most extreme visual and photographic challenges. RA/DEC motors are totally integrated inside the mount not laying outside any components that are easily lost during night observation. Strict assembly and use of high performance mechanical pieces features Takahashi mounts with a periodic error of ± 5 arcsecond [EM-200] by turn, or better.

It is hard to beat such an effective solution.


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