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Takahashi FS-60

The Takahashi FS-60CB apochromatic refractor is the itinerant telescope par excellence. It features exceptional optical and mechanichal qualities (objective with Fluorite doublet) and an incredible compact design. All Takahashi is in it.

Its great versatility will charm all the observers. It can easily be used for the visual observation, as well as astronomical or terrestrial. For the photographers, it is transformed into wide field astrograph or guiding scope. For this last function, Takahashi proposes even an optional specific parallel support, the TGM.


Takahashi FC-76

The Takahashi FC-76DS is a doublet flourite apochromat refractor telescope design with a 76mm aperture operating at a f/7.5 focal ratio. The multi-coated fluorite rear lens and eco-glass front element provides maximum light transmission. The design takes advantage of the advances in high resolution digital imaging. The advanced design allows the focal length to be reduced by 30mm 594mm at f/7.8, with a 95mm diameter tube, or with an 80mm tube variant.


Takahashi FSQ-85

The FSQ-85 is the ultimate in highly portable refractor astrographs. It offers fantastic flat widefield images suitable for 35mm sensors with no external flattener requirements. The apochromat comes with a 50.8mm camera adapter, all you need to start imaging straight away.


Takahashi FC-100

A top quality F7.4 Fluorite doublet optic that provides superb contrast, sharpness and colour correction.

This is a general purpose scope - providing wonderful visual views at low and high power but also being a worthy astrograph and when combined with the FC-76 Reducer the FC-100D operates at F5.4 and with a fully corrected 35mm circle - perfect for APS Sized DSLR's.


Takahashi TSA-102

The Takahashi TSA-102 refractor has became the worthy replacement to the FS-102. The apochromatic objective of 102mm of aperture (F/8) forsook its classical optical design of a Fluorite doublet for an ED triplet set in a simple barrel, whose results are just as outstanding.

The TSA-102 remains the most general-purpose telescope of the Takahashi range, adapted not only for planetary high-resolution observation but also for deep sky imaging, while still being easily transportable.


Takahashi FSQ-106

For astrophotographers the FSQ-106ED is one of the best astrographs available.

With its focal length of 530mm, an image circle of 88mm and a photographic field of 9,5°, it acts as a teleobjective for the most powerful CCD and DSR/DSLR cameras on the market.

Based on a Petzval quadruplet optical design with apochromatic ED glasses, the FSQ-106ED is optimized for wide-field imaging of deep sky targets. The optical and mechanical quality of the FSQ 106ED is outstanding and this telescope is the perfect tool for outstanding high resolution wide field imaging.


Takahashi TSA-120

The TSA 120 is an intermediate instrument between the TSA-102, of which it shares similar features and the TOA-130.

TSA-120 features the specifications of the TSA-102S IE an apochromatic objective with triplet ED, a retractable dew-shield, great mechanics and versatility of use, both visual and photographic. Moreover, the TSA-120 is extremely light, it weighs only 6.7 kg. Even when TSA-120 is fully equipped for CCD imaging, a medium sized mount will easily hold it.


Takahashi TOA-130

With its Ortho-Apochromat Triplet (TOA) concept, the Takahashi TOA 130 provides an ultra high quality and truly versatile large aperture refractor.

The TOA-130 exhibits extraordinary contrast and the absence of chromatism like all Takahashi apochromatic refractors with a consequent diameter and a reasonable focal length, making it ideal for general-purpose use as well for the high-resolution planetary and deep sky imaging. The advanced no compromise optical design enables it to fully use the capabilities of Todays advanced cameras and CCD imagers.

The NFB variant boasts the excellent quality focuser fitted as standard, as seen on the FSQ-106. It enables the sharpest possible images, limited only by the seeing. The package includes the 50.8/31.75 mm camera adapter, 7 x 50 Finder, Finder bracket, Finder reticule illuminator, Camera Angle adjuster, and the Tube Holder [ the Balancing Cradle is not needed in this configuration].


Takahashi TOA-150

The TOA-150 is the top line model of the range of ortho apochromatic refractors, from Takahashi. As usual, the Japanese company has manufactured one of the most beautiful and powerful telescopes that can be found on the worldwide market designed and produced without compromise.

Incomparable optics providing a high contrast apochromatic image and featuring reliable and robust mechanics, that is what the outstanding TOA-150 will provide to any amateur astronomers looking for the very best. No matter what you are looking for, from deep sky CCD imaging to high-resolution planetary visual observation, TOA-150 will bring you the best.