Takahashi FC-76DCU Fluorite Refractor Package
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Takahashi FC-76DCU Fluorite Refractor Package

Stock code TFK07620



The Takahashi FC-76DCU is a doublet flourite apochromat refractor telescope design with a 76mm aperture operating at a f/7.5 focal ratio. The multi-coated fluorite rear lens and eco-glass front element provides maximum light transmission. The design takes advantage of the advances in high resolution digital imaging.

The advanced optical and mechanical design allows the focal length to be increased to F12.5 - 950mm using the CQ1.7x Extender. This provides the telescope with the depth of focus and spherochromatism of an F12.5 fluorite doublet and conseuqent superb performance for lunar and planetary observing. In addition the FC76DCU can be foally reduced to provide a fast and flat deep sky imaging instrument.

The FC76DCU features an 80mm diameter tube instead of the 95mm diameter tube found on the FC-76DS. This model features a fixed dew-shield.

The package includes Finder, Finder bracket, and Tube Holder

Technical Specs

Design: Doublet fluorite apochromat
Diameter: 76mm
Focal ratio: f/7.5
Tube diameter: 95mm
Tube length: 550mm
Weight: 6.6lbs
With Dedicated reducer:
Focal ratio: f/5.5
Focal length: 417mm
Image circle: 36mm
With Dedicated Flattener:
Focal ratio: f/7.8
Focal length: 594mm
Image circle: 40mm

With CQ107x Extender
Focal Ratio F12.5
Foal Length 950mm
Image circle 40mm