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Takahashi FC100DF Astrograph



Takahashi FC100DF with TKA19580 0.66x Focal Reducer.  This system provides a 40mm corrected field at a focal ratio of F4.88. Also included in this package are the following.

TFK10100 - FC100DF Optical Tube Assembly
TKA23200 Camera Angle Adjuster
TKA19580 0.66x Focal Reducer
TKA19202 CA Ring
Takahashi Wide T Mount for DSLR or CCD Camera

Tube Rings and Tube Holder are not included but are available separately.

This package provides the best of both worlds. On one hand there is the FC100DF Optical tube, one of the very best 4"

refractors available with unsurpassed sharpness and image contrast in a lightweight and superbly engineered optical tube. Add the 0.66x Reducer/Flattener and CAA and we have a fast and flat astrograph ideal for DSLR and CCD Imaging.

We also have motor focus options available.