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Takahashi FS60CB TSK06210 Fluorite Refractor

Stock code TSK06210



The heart of the telescope is a Fluorite doublet objective providing superb image sharpness and contrast. The FS60CB also has an incredible compact design.
The FS60CB is a very versatile telescope.  It can easily be used for astronomical and terrestrial  visual observation, as well as perform superbly as a wide field astrograph or even an ultra light and portable guidescope.

Takahashi offers both a field flattener and flattener/reducer for use with camera's with larger sensors.

This configuration is a basic optical tube only

Technical Specs

Optical designFluorite Doublet
Optical mountingAir spaced (Fluorite in front)
Optical coatingsFully Multi-Coated
Focal length355mm
Focal ratioF/5.9
Limiting magnitude10.7
Light grasp73x
Image circleNA
Photo fieldNA
Backfocus length162.0mm
With flattener
Focal length374mm
Focal ratioF/6.2
Image circleNA
Photo fieldNA
Backfocus length56mm
With focal reducer
Focal length264mm
Focal ratioF/4.4
Image circleNA
Photo fieldNA
Backfocus length56mm
With C2X Extender
Focal length710mm
Focal ratioF/11.8
Image circleNA
Photo fieldNA




Stock code: TSP60110


The Teegul Sky-Patrol II (TG-SP2) mount offers a light and effective equatorial base to travel with a small telescope.

The TG-SP2 is a very modular unit. It is made of a rigid one-arm fork mount motorized in right ascension axis, ideal for example for FS-60CB refractor. The handbox, integrating 6V compartment, is included.

An additional kit makes it possible to use the TG-SP2 with other light telescopes (under 3kg weight). This kit can be bought with the TG-SP2 mount as a package or in a second time, according to end user needs. This kit includes a counterweight shaft and a counterweight in order to transform TG-SP2 base into a true German mount. Using this kit will give you some clearance on both axis, RA and DEC, allowing the assembly of longer telescope OTAs.


Takahashi TKA20595 1.7x Extender CQ for FX60CB

Takahashi TKA20595 17x Extender CQ for FX60CB


Stock code: TKA20595


1.7x Extender module for FS60 CB. Converts to F10 both visually and photographically.


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