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Takahashi FS60Q TSK6300NR Package

Stock code TSK6300NR



The FS60Q features the TKA20595 1.7X extender module which provides a 44mm corrected circle and 96% illumination making the FS60Q a superb choice for lunar and solar observing and imaging.

The module is removeable thus converting the FS60Q back to an FS60CB and thus offering lots of versatility. Matched with the TKA20580B Reducer the FS60 offers amazing versatility for visual use, widefield deep sky astrophotography and lunar/solar imaging. all in one ultra portable lightweight package.

Optical Tube only version.

This is the package version with Takahashi Clamshell and 6x30 Finderscope with Bracket

Technical Specs

Takahashi 60mm Fluorite doublet working at F10

Focal Length 600mm

Focal Ratio F10

Tube Length 407mm

Tube Diameter 80mm